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Have you ever wondered why some leaders stand heads above the crowd? What their secrets are and why their staff, colleagues, students and peers revere them so much?

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words is an anthology of one-on-one conversations held between Donna Karlin, global executive and leadership coach, and the different leaders she invited to tell their stories. Each leader was encouraged to share their personal history reflecting their transformative experiences. The stories of their amazing journeys de-mystify the experiences of seasoned and successful leaders. Click here to read more.

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words
The Power of Coaching
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When global leaders like Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, states getting a coach was "The best advice I ever got", you know coaching isn't going away any time soon. If becoming a coach is your dream, this book will help you get all your ducks in a row.

In this book you’ll explore what coaching is, how you get started, what you need to decide whether or not to give up your day job in order to make a difference and the reality checker questions and answers you need to make those decisions.

Interviews & Podcasts

CUTV News Radio interview
Part 1

Jim Masters, Television and radio personality/host, correspondent/reporter, writer/producer for the award-winning CUTV News and CUTV News Radio interviews Donna Karlin, Founder of the No Ceiling, Just Sky™ Institute.

CUTV news Radio nterview
Part 2

Doug Llewelyn, writer and producer, and interviewer for the award-winning CUTV News and CUTV News Radio interviews Donna Karlin, Founder of the No Ceiling, Just Sky™ Institute.

Harvard Institute of Coaching Podcast

Coaching the "Shadows": Supporting Senior Leaders through Volatility and Turbulence

Podcast with des walsh

Donna was honoured to be featured on Des Walsh's Leadership Blog, speaking on Shadow Coaching for Effective Leadership.

Articles and Features

■ News Canada: September Issue: Make This Year's School Resolution an A+
■ The Star Phoenix: Take a load off: the digital backpack 
■ Canadian Government Executive Magazine; Creating a High Performance
■ Welland Tribune: How to keep balanced with so much digital clutter
■ The Boston Globe, Business Filter: Scheduled to Death?
■ New York Times: Skilled Traveler? Good Coach
■ Canadian Government Executive Magazine: Rising Stars
■ Vanguard Canada Magazine; Defense and Security Magazine: Rising Stars
■ Fast Company Magazine; Fast Company Now: What Would Your Life Look
   Life If...?
■ The National Post: High Cost of Mismanaged Meetings
■ Sales Promotion Magazine: Blogging For Dollars

■ Donna is a regular contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council
■ Microsoft Business Center: Size Doesn't Matter: Unified Communications
   on a Limited Budget
■ Truth Force: Mobilizing Truth for Integral Sustainable Development: What
   are you going to give up?
■ The Globe and Mail: Email Overload
■ El Universo: Entrenador de vida ofrece ayuda a los viajeros frecuentes
■ Fast Company Fast 50: Company rated 9 out of 10 by Fast Company
■ The Training Report: Living Your Day Twice: Working With an Executive
   Shadow Coach
■ Shadow Coaching® Gives Executives an Up-close
   Look at Themselves
■ Don't Hate Meetings. Make Them More Effective

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