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To stand out from the crowd, you have to be remarkable.
Here are some areas Donna can help you.

I help you shift the way you think, how you show up and respond to decision-making, problematic situations, and innovative possibility. We partner stretch you, to expand your potential, take ownership and accountability of your actions to achieve individual and organizational high performance and success. We help you become more of who you are.

We design coaching programs and services for the development of present and future leadership in organizations. Our expertise lies in developing skills necessary to lead especially during times of change and crisis. We are experts at developing resilient, "Level Five Leadership" and understand the critical competencies and proficiencies necessary for developing this authentic leadership capability.  

We seek to develop leaders who are extraordinary individuals who have the vision and commitment to inspire, attract and engage others towards a common goal. Our focus is on the individual, social, relational and environmental aspects of the client's ‘world’. We use an integral approach that results in clients developing a deeper, more comprehensive sense of themselves and their place in their organization and the world as a whole.

In an increasingly complex world, times of decentralization and virtual teams and collaboration across multi-disciplines and organizations, leaders must develop highly effective teams or centers of excellence. Donna works with leaders to understand the dynamics of group work, assess team effectiveness, inter-team dynamics and work with clients in developing strategies for building and leading high performing teams.

We work with teams to create solution centers where, in a facilitated process, we bring innovative thinking and action to reorganizations and for strategic direction.

To keep ongoing growth in an organization, we can help you set up a Peer Coaching program so you evolve people from inside the organization, peer to peer, colleague to colleague.

This type of coaching is ideally suited to organizational leaders who must make decisions and act adaptively in intense work environments. Shadow coaching involves partnering with clients in their work environments and brings another experienced and fresh perspective that helps to identify problematic dynamics, work habits and assumptions that impede effectiveness. Shadow Coaching® involves being able to provoke the leader’s awareness of these problematic features in ways that they can be addressed immediately. It goes beyond support to problem solving. Shadow Coaching® creates seismically altering change. Donna created this model, based in part on Jung’s work on the Shadow, drawing on historical data, current context, psychology, and the history and innate wisdom of the individual to provide a profound, sustainable shift.

These sessions are short, sweet to the point, and get to the underling dynamic of a situation, roadblock or insight to get you moving and fast. They are 15 – 30 minutes in duration, conducted either in person or via telephone and are extremely dynamic and effective as they get people past whatever it is that is stopping them in specific situations. We block off specific days of the month for tele-laser sessions so clients know specifically when they are available to them. In circumstances where we are working with many clients within an organization, specific chunks of time can be set aside for a series of in-person laser coaching® sessions. This creates culture shifts in organization and supports a fast-paced dynamic environment. 

You've got me for one hour to pick my brain, create a plan of action, brainstorm and figure things out. These aren't strategy or long term change, they are more for the nuts and bolts of how you do your work, design strategies to move forward, remove a road block, figure out what ways of being are no longer serving you and redesign work dynamics.

They aren't to address long-term goals.  

This vehicle is to plan, create, figure it out, and move. These Lightning Round Sessions are perfect for Coaches, business owners, creatives, organizational leaders and solopreneurs. This is your opportunity to brainstorm with a Master Coach to figure things out and move forward and fast without having to commit to a lengthy coaching contract. These are booked as needed and held via telephone / Skype. 

Do you want to be one of millions or one in a million? Donna will help you become more of who you are, communicate to your audience, figure out how and where you shine, step into your leadership and continue to build on it.

Want to know how you're 'hard-wired'? A great starting point for our work together, and a great way to identify team dynamics and compliment. Take the CVI.

Core Values Index
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Do you want to do everything in your power to be remarkable in your job? Discover your innate core values, your wired-in Human Operating System™

Click the CVI logo to take a revolutionary assessment that bypasses personality and behavior, revealing your unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how you are wired to contribute to the world around you.

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Hiring the best fit

Skill sets aside, who is the best fit for the job? Do they have to think on their feet? Be slow and methodical?

Traditional hiring processes take into account experience, skill set and education but do they incorporate how the potential candidates are hard-wired?

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Innate, Unchanging Traits

Not only does the CVI show you your core values, but your value types. Do you like to work in teams or autonomously? Do you think with you head or gut?

There are many determining factors that show one's innate unchanging nature.

The CVI is 97% accurate over a 25 year period.


The Top Performer Profile ™ (TPP™) dramatically increases the success rate of finding new top performers. It is the first Employment Pre-Selection tool positioned at the very beginning of the hiring process as a true objective screen.

Results? Less turnover, better fit, and stronger team dynamics.

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